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Jorge_PT - 2018-12-10, 00:04
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I'm sorry, but I can not participate in the remaining forum because I can not understand Polish.

I take this opportunity to introduce myself here and ask you for help.

I'm Jorge from Portugal. My father had a 126 when i was a child. He sold it and I bought it again 30 years later.

It took me 1 year to rebuild it...

Thank you for accepting me...

Pan_Waclaw - 2018-12-10, 00:14

Good job, Jorge :) Your car looks immpresive!
Jorge_PT - 2018-12-10, 11:10

Thank you

Here are some more photos.

The car was completly dismantled in boxes, as you can see in the first photo. I assembled it my self and i've been using it for almost 2 years. I've made almost 6000km, LOVE IT!!!

CZESIO1958 - 2018-12-10, 12:12

Nice 126 😁
Pan_Waclaw - 2018-12-10, 18:56

Beautiful photos! Could you show us the interior??
Jorge_PT - 2018-12-15, 20:01

Jorge_PT - 2018-12-18, 17:47

Right now I have a dilemma to solve, and I would like to know if anyone in this forum can advise me.

The car has a 650cc engine with a badly damaged cylinder head.

And I have a spare 600cc engine with a very good cylinder head and a Weber 30DIC double carburetor.

Do you think it would be possible to install the 600cc head on the 650cc cylinders? Do you think there may be mechanical problems due to the smaller diameter of the combustion chamber?

Thanks for your help.

--------- Google translation ----------

W tej chwili mam dylemat do rozwiązania i chciałbym się dowiedzieć, czy ktoś na tym forum może mi doradzić.

Samochód ma silnik o pojemności 650 cm3 i mocno uszkodzoną głowę.

I mam silnik o pojemności 600 cm3 z bardzo dobrą głowicą i podwójnym gaźnikiem Weber 30DIC.

Czy sądzisz, że możliwe byłoby zainstalowanie głowicy 600cc na cylindrach 650cc? Czy uważasz, że mogą wystąpić problemy mechaniczne spowodowane mniejszą średnicą komory spalania?

nanab - 2018-12-18, 19:16

Jorge_PT napisał/a:

Do you think it would be possible to install the 600cc head on the 650cc cylinders?


Jorge_PT - 2018-12-19, 18:29

why? I believe the pistons don't extend beyond the top of the cylinders so they wouldnt hit the cylinder head.

Is there something else i'm missing?

michals - 2018-12-19, 20:29

The 600cc cylinder head mechanical can fit but it change the compression ratio. Better try to buy 650cc head. It is easy to find it on Polish webshops.
ywel84 - 2018-12-20, 11:39

It should fit.
This cylinder head has smaller combustion chamber so you will increase compression ratio (that will give you more power). From the other side it has smaller inlet valve (that will reduce engine power).
In the result it should work approximately the same.

You should try it.
Please, remember that you will need to adjust valve clearances (for this you need to spin the engine using alternator pulley). Remove spark plug and adjust valves. That will be the first test if all is ok. The engine should spin without any issues.

If you have milling workshop near you, you can even resurface cylinder head and lower it for about 1 mm.

Jorge_PT - 2018-12-21, 15:42

Thanks for all your help.

I didn't knew the inlet valves where smaller. That's a downside. I'll have to consider that.

I was hoping to use the 600cc head, because i have already a spare one. (and the 650cc head is too damaged)

I'm also hoping to use this beauties...

zolwik - 2018-12-21, 16:52

where are the parts from?

Jorge_PT - 2018-12-21, 21:01

It's from a 126 (600cc) that i bought in a scrap yard.

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