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International conversations - Water and the 126 engine bay!

dagleykd - 2015-09-13, 18:09
Temat postu: Water and the 126 engine bay!
Hello everybody! :)

I have a question on the 126 and driving in bad weather! With the large open vents on the engine hood at the back, does a lot of water get into the engine bay of the 126 and create rust or electrical problems?

...are the covers that I see installed on some 126s a good idea? I mean the plastic covers that they install over the vents to help keep water out, like these:

Thanks for any answers! :) Just curious for when I am able to import my own 126 here to Canada! :D

Majonez - 2015-09-13, 18:58

Lots of 126 have those covers on the hood vents, but without them the weather doesn't seems any problems. Maybe the engine parts got rusted a little quicker (like an exhaust and cover fan for example) but it took a very long time ;) , i never heard of something bad has become with engine or electric even if car parked under the open sky. Anyway you can buy those covers in any moment, the are very cheap, maybe can help a bit protect the engine bay, certainly do nothing worse ;) .

dagleykd - 2015-09-15, 12:55

Ah, OK, just curious! When I import mine to Canada, I intend to drive it a fair amount daily, which will involve it sitting in the rain sometimes! ;)

Just wanted to make sure no electrical or rust issues won't happen over time if so!

Tomaszabc - 2017-11-28, 21:02

Engine bay is mostly weatherproof. Better for fiat is to ride it often. Hot engine make water evaporate. Splashing puddles also make no problem for this engine/alternator/connectors.
Materials used for building engine evoluated from knowledge of past constructions.

Every year you should get mainentance for vehicle including cleaning starter-alternator-battery connector.

ignac2004 - 2017-11-29, 08:27

Our Parents in 70's and 80's drove it daily... So... It can't be a problem to ride a Fiat in a rainy day. But remember, it's not an Amphicar! :D
Majonez - 2017-11-29, 17:20

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